Spring Break

Posted on 16 March 2019

For Spring Break, I participated in Duke Energy Initiative’s solar spring break program. Through this, I got to help install solar panels with Grid Alternatives in Salinas, CA. They were super friendly and showed us the various steps in the process, such as siting, dealing with regulations and codes, efficiency considerations, etc as well as letting us gain some hands on experience installing solar panels.

We stayed in a hostel in Monterey, CA which was a pretty cool experience. It’s really an awesome city, and going on runs along its coastline was amazing. I also got to spend my last day in California exploring San Francisco. I decided to walk all the way from 6th st | Market St to Pier 39 and then along the Embarcadero, which was a lot of walking but definitely worth it. Then I biked across the golden gate bridge, took BART back and almost missed my flight