Dry Canyon Hike

Posted on 26 April 2020

Trail conditions as of 4/26/20: Towards the end of the dry canyon trail, there’s a bit of snow, but nothing I couldn’t handle with my pair of trailrunners. As you can see from the Strava recording, I went past that and to the trail to the top of big baldy, where there’s quite a bit of snow. I ultimately didn’t attempt the final summit of big baldy because I was alone due to social distancing so wanted to err on the super safe side, but it looked doable. It’s about half a mile out from where my recording ends.

It’s nice trail, there’s meadow areas where you can stop to eat a snack with great views around (leave no trace though). Also, it’s one of the few trails where there’s LTE reception for almost the whole thing, including towards the top, so that’s nice, you could even take your laptop and work up there on a nice day if you wanted. There’s not really any switchbacks to waste your time on, it’s a pretty direct route up. It’s a Fun trail, get out there and have fun people! Also, make sure you pack enough water (don’t wanna have to Bear Grylls it).