Mount Storm king

Posted on 20 June 2021

Cross Country Roadtrip

Posted on 28 May 2021

Drove from Durham, NC to Seattle, WA. Here’s some pictures from the trip.

Unless otherwise indicated in the caption, photos are from myself with my a7II.

Here’s the route we took with some pictures from our phones along the way (photos are from myself or Morgan McKinney):

Script to reserve Wilson Gym weightlifting slots

Posted on 30 March 2021

Due to COVID-19 protocol, lifting at Wilson Gym at Duke requires reservations ahead of time. These open up 48 hours before and fill up relatively quickly. Here's a script to automatically pick up those slots and never have to worry about whether or not you can get a reservation in time again. read more

How To: Create adaptive HLS/MPEG-DASH videos for your static site

Posted on 21 March 2021

Why use Youtube when you can use way more effort to replicate the functionality youself? Here’s how to create an adaptive video.

read more

How To: Downgrade Google Fit on WearOS for weightlifting/strength training tracking

Posted on 23 November 2020

For some reason, Google decided it was a good idea to replace the feature in Google Fit on WearOS watches that detects which lift and how many sets/reps you’re doing with a glorified stopwatch. Here’s how to get the old version back:

  1. Enable debugging and adb connect to your watch
  2. Run adb uninstall This erases your data, but it should still be there stored on the cloud under your Google account so NBD. Unfortunately Android 7+ doesn’t let you downgrade non-debuggable apps while keeping data due to security risks.
  3. Download the latest version of Google Fit for WearOS that still has this feature (2.44.14).
  4. Install it: adb install

I would recommend disabling debugging after because sometimes my watch stays connected to wifi for no reason and drains battery when it’s on.

Hope that helps. Make sure to ask Google to bring this feature back (instructions here). Now if only I lived in a state where people at the gym can actually care there’s a global pandemic going on…

Wilson Peak

Posted on 23 October 2020

Easily the coolest and also most technical hike I’ve done. It’s the one on the Coors light can! Plus, the more near death experiences you can squeeze into one hike, the more rewarding it is at the end (disclaimer: please don’t see this as inspiration and get yourself killed). We wanted to send one final 14er on our last weekend in Colorado and this seemed like the one to do it. Winds and temperature weren’t ideal compared to the weeks before, but there was a storm arriving the next day so it was pretty much the only possible day to do it. We also got the whole hike to ourselves, didn’t see a single other person for almost 24 hours. Now that’s social distancing :)