The Most Fair Way to Split Rent with Different Rooms

Posted on 15 October 2020

Trying to figure out how to split rent with roommates when the rooms are different? Use this spreadsheet I made. The way it works, each roommates bids on how much of a premium they are willing to pay for each of the nicer rooms, and then those premiums are applied to the worst room to make it cheaper. The market solves all.

Weekend in Moab

Posted on 11 October 2020

So lucky to live in this awesome state.

Uncompahgre Peak

Posted on 04 October 2020

Was my first 14er. That was a rough dirt road up to the trailhead. Jack’s car paid the price for that one. Also camping at 12k ft is cold! Kville trained me so I lived.

We need police accountability and oversight

Posted on 03 June 2020

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How to game on Azure while minimizing cost

Posted on 28 April 2020

I left my desktop at school when I left when the campus got shut down, but I still wanted a way to ‘play warzone with the boys’. I experimented a bit and have found what as far as I can tell, is the cheapest way to set up a cloud machine game on Azure.

Costs/Savings for a cloud gaming machine breaks down like this:

  • VM per hour pricing
    • Switch to spot pricing
    • Deallocate (stop from portal) when not in use
  • Storage: monthly cost + disk operations cost
    • Avoid managed disks: by default, VMs are provisioned with a 127 GB OS disk. If you make this an HDD, this runs up to ~5/month in fixed costs. And then expanding this or making a data disk for game data runs up your costs a lot more, and charges you even when you’re not using the machine. What’s more, you get charged for disk operations when it’s in use
    • Store game data as a block blob and extract to the temp disk to avoid page blob charges and the associated disk operations costs. The temp disk also has almost 5x the performance of a premium SSD managed disk in my experience. Downloading/uploading is incredibly fast with 40 gigabit network interfaces installed on the VMs (although storage performance will bottleneck)
  • Network costs: only outbound data is charged
    • Make sure all storage and VM resources are in the same region
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Dry Canyon Hike

Posted on 26 April 2020

Trail conditions as of 4/26/20: Towards the end of the dry canyon trail, there’s a bit of snow, but nothing I couldn’t handle with my pair of trailrunners. As you can see from the Strava recording, I went past that and to the trail to the top of big baldy, where there’s quite a bit of snow. I ultimately didn’t attempt the final summit of big baldy because I was alone due to social distancing so wanted to err on the super safe side, but it looked doable. It’s about half a mile out from where my recording ends.

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